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Project Information

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AU Bank, which launched its commercial banking operations in 2017, has been focused on financing lower middle class, middle class, and small businesses. Spread across the country, it finds its name in the Fortune 500 India list.


The process started with IR’s meeting high net worth individuals to seek their investment infusion into AU small finance plans by facilitating the purchase of equity shares by the HNI’s. The IR’s reporting the Minutes of Meeting to their respective managers via email. The managers then took appropriate action.

The Challenge

Client problem statement

The Challenge

Client problem statement

The entire process was semi-automatic, tedious and strenuous with IR’s sending an email to their managers, with minutes of meeting, of the interaction between them and the HNI. This increased the work at the ends of both the IR and the manager and led to productivity loss due to mismanagement of data and the inability to find data on time.


Our Consulting Approach

Client problem statement

Our Consulting Approach

Client problem statement

We provided the solution to the problem by making a centralized platform for all IR’s and managers, which provided information about the number of visits, the minutes of meeting and the status of each individual HNI, through a module known as ‘Meeting module’. Through the ‘Meeting module’. Both the IR and the manager can now see all data of others as well as themselves, which helps to cross-sell and maximize productivity We also provided the company with another module known as the “Share Movements” module, which gives insight to the IR and the Manager about their HNI clients buying and selling certain shares. This module was useful so that the investments of their clients were effectively tracked and actions can be taken if the HNI equity transactions are not in favor.





  • Centralized platform
  • 2 separate modules which address 2 separate needs
  • Faster and better client-communication

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